Mustang window Tinting

Our Car Window films come in variants of 35, 20, 15, 10 & 05, with 35% being the lightest and the 05% being the darkest, the percentages actually relate to how much light comes in once the glass has been tinted, this is known as variable light transmittance or VLT.

WRX Window Tinting
35% is known as the Darkest Legal Tint in most states of Australia, it will stop 99% UV and up to 60% Heat and complies with all Transport and Insurance regulations. Greater Heat & Glare reduction can be achieved by using a darker film but all films we sell will stop 99% UV ,are rated UPF 50+ and all come with a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, which covers bubbling, peeling AND colour change, which a lot of films on the market do not.

There are many benefits to tinting your vehicles windows. You are protecting yourself and your car, Our films act as a sunscreen for you both, protecting your skin and the vehicles interior from harmful UV Radiation. Tinting strengthens the glass making it harder to break so helpful during an attempted break in or INVALUABLE in the event of an accident as is prevents the glass from shattering. It aids privacy and keeps your valuables hidden, while improving the look of ANY vehicle, and with a variety of shades to choose from you can create a custom appearance that's right for you. 

Colorado Window Tinting Including Canopy

We have literally tinted thousands of cars, we are new car specialists, and on most vehicles have been factory trained, we have been the choice of new car dealerships for many years and due to our wealth of experience we are also experts in the older cars that some would find difficult to do.  We custom fit every window to ensure a gap free installation.  We also tint a range of Trucks and Machinery and yes we do remove old existing tint as well, either to improve the appearance or for roadworthy purposes.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs we will always aim to give you the best possible price. We do offer a mobile service as well, providing you have a garage to work in, and a travel fee is charged depending on location.

Mustang Window Tinting

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