We Bring you the Very Best with Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film and 3M 1080 Car Wraps, the leaders in their field, with one of the broadest colour finish palettes in the world, with its outstanding durability and performance and a real paint like look. These premium car wraps combine style with performance and versatility for a stunning visual transformation of any vehicle.

We offer Full or Partial Car Wrapping where you can completely change the colour of the vehicle or simply add some highlights such as Bonnets, Roofs, Mirrors, Spoilers, Grills and Door Handles or Sport Stripes just to name a few, without the massive downtime or expense of a complete Respray. Not to mention its long term removability after the intended period of use so it is not a permanent fixture if not required to be.

The Car Wrapping Film portfolio includes special and select finishes to meet a range of desired looks and custom effects.  These CAR WRAPS include chrome, gloss, metallic, pearl, matte, matte metallic, and extreme texture.  A newly expanded line of satin colours, offer a softer finish and the light reflecting Supreme Wrap ColourFlow colours continue to multiply with unique iridescent shades and harlequin effects for a colour changing, chameleon effect.  We also offer full Digitally Printed Car Wraps to bring a whole other dimension to CAR WRAPPING, with the ability to place photo images, amazing designs, text and abstract design into a complete CAR WRAP, it is ideal for businesses or anyone wanting a complete custom effect.

Our Skillset allows for seamless, one piece, bubble free application to ensure a unique and excellent finish.  We are Avery Certified, and 3M Licensed Applicators.

Gloss Black Wrap During Installation on a Bonnet

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